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M.S.(General Surgery )
DNB (Surgical Oncology)
Senior Consultant & Chief Gynae Surgical Oncology 

Specaialist in Advance Laparoscopic ,Robotic and HIPEC GynaeOnco  Surgeries.

He completed his Masters in surgery from Dayanand Medical College Ludhiana. Thereafter he gained vast experience in the field of surgical and gynae oncology at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute from 2006 to 2010. It was the first cancer centre to acquire da vinci surgical robotic system in the field of oncology.They were among the first units to start advanced  laproscopic and minimal access  programmes in field of oncology.Subsequently he worked  at chittaranjan national cancer institute,kolkatta.There he not only gained experience in gynae and oncosurgery  but also did clinical research on HPV  DNA analysis of cancers which subsequently got published in international journals.He is also accredited to begin the minimal access oncology  program at CNCI, Kolkatta.


Robotic Surgery

This technology provides the surgeon with a 10x magnified, high-definition, 3D-image of the body’s intricate anatomy. The surgeon works on the console away from the patient to manipulate special surgical instruments that are smaller, as well as more flexible and manoeuvrable than the human hand. The robot replicates the surgeon’s hand movements.


Surgery for HIPEC  entails the complete removal of peritoneal linning of abdomen along with removal of uterus ,both ovaries,omentum&lymphnodes from the pelvis (around the uterus & ovaries ) and along the aorta ( great vessel of the body )& parts of abdominal organs involved by malignancy to the level no visible disease in abdomen.

Laproscopic gynaeonco surgery

It’s a low-risk, minimally invasive procedure that requires only small incisions. Laparoscopy allows doctor to see inside your body in real time, without open surgery.these type of surgery can be performed only in high volume centres with very well experienced gyneoncosurgens having vast knowledge of gyne-oncology for complete removal of carcinoma.

Sentinel lymph node/ precision surgery in Uterine cancer

SLNB is the first draining node of any cancer and generally it is believed that if the sentinel lymph node is free of tumor then the chances of other nodes being involved by tumor is negligible. Majority of patients of uterine cancer have uterus confined disease without the involvement of adjoining lymph nodes. 

Ovarian Cancer

Ovaries are reproductive glands found only in females. Ovarian cancer begins in the ovaries. Malignant ovarian tumors can spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body and can be fatal. ovarian cancers tend to spread to the lining and organs of the pelvis and abdomen (belly) first. This may lead to the build-up of fluid in the abdominal cavity (called ascites)

Dr. Amish Chaudhary

M. S. (Gen) DNB (Surgical Oncology Senior Consultant

Gynae Surgical Oncology 

Specialist in Advance Laparoscopic, Robotic and HIPEC Gynae Onco Surgeries

Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, 1 Press Enclave Road, Saket, New Delhi


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